Court Victory over IRS

Court Victory over IRS for Independent Tax Preparers Is Final
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Technology and Taxes

By: Sidney Kess, CPA, J.D., LL.M. | Technology continues to expand at an ever-increasing rate and taxes are not immune from the impact of technology on the way in which things get done. Technology has affected how returns are filed, how payments for wages, goods, and services are being made, how the IRS disseminates information, and how recordkeeping...

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Practice Development: Later Life Planning Using Quicken

By: Martin M. Shenkman, CPA, MBA, PFS, AEP, JD | Every CPA can and should be a proactive to help clients with estate planning matters. In the past, many CPAs shied away from this vital role, to their client’s detriment, and to theirs. Of all the members of a client’s estate planning team, more often than not it is the CPA, not the...

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Have Employer Pay for Your Tuition and Exclude Cost From Income

By: Julie Welch, CPA/PFS, CFP | Education expenses can reduce taxes in one of three ways. First, job-related education expenses can be deducted, along with other miscellaneous itemized deductions, to the extent they exceed 2% of the adjusted gross income. Education expenses are deductible if they are: job related, do not qualify a person for...

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Advanced Planning for Social Security Retirement Benefits

By: Jerry Love, CPA/PFS, ABV, CVA, CFP | Retirement is the goal that most of us look forward to at the end of our career. There is much debate about whether Social Security is already bankrupt or will be completely defunct by the time you are eligible to draw retirement benefits. However, with an estimated 10,000 Baby Boomers per...

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bitcoin4biz Payment Summit

The Bitcoin4biz Payment Summit will allow attendees to explore Bitcoin and other alternative payment technology. The Summit will answer the questions business people have about Bitcoin and other expanding payment systems. To learn more…

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