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15 Tax Relief Tips for Casualty Event Victims
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15 Tax Relief Tips for Casualty Event Victims

Sid KessThis year has seen the occurrence of dramatic casualty events across the country, from tornados in the Midwest, to wildfires in Colorado, Oklahoma, and Texas, to Hurricane Isaac in the Gulf Coast. These and other casualty events have resulted in billions of dollars in property damage. Hopefully, individuals and businesses impacted by these events...

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10 Tax Tips on Reimbursement and Ways You May Access Assets in a Domestic Asset Protection Trust

Martin ShenkmanIf you are considering making large gifts in 2012, you may be concerned about whether you can have access to money you gift to a trust should you need it. While ultra-high net worth taxpayers may not worry about a $5 to $10 million transfer, many people who can benefit from 2012 gift transfers simply don’t have the kind of wealth to make even a...

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10 Ways the American Opportunity Tax Credit Reduces College Cost

Julie Welch 
The costs of higher education may be offset with two credits: the American Opportunity tax credit and the Lifetime Learning credit.
The American Opportunity tax credit (previously known as the HOPE Scholarship credit, which was more limited than this new credit) is available for a student’s first four years of postsecondary education....

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14 Tips to Inderstand the Fundamentals of Annuities

mug_jerry_loveAn annuity is an investment option that many people find difficult to understand and frequently turn to their tax professional for financial planning advice. The purpose of this article is to offer a basic explanation of the annuity.
The annuity is basically an insurance product that pays out income, which is frequently used as part of a retirement...

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4 Tips on Bond Portfolios for Tough Times

Bingham RobertThe extraordinary measures taken by the United States Federal Reserve to stimulate employment growth has resulted in substantial price appreciation of bonds during the last 4 years. Investors who owned bonds have seen appreciation of their holdings across market sectors including high-yield, high-grade corporate, government and municipal issuers.

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