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Bloomberg Tax Introduces Advantage™, a Suite of Software Solutions that Changes the Way Corporations Manage Tax

Bloomberg Tax recently introduced Advantage, a suite of software solutions for tax and accounting professionals that covers processes related to fixed assets, federal and state tax, NOLs, provision analysis, and sales and use tax rates. The new Advantage platform with an integrated collection of products allows users to track projects, manage documents, and collaborate with internal and external teams to improve financial controls through task automation and risk management.

“Driven by client demand for an easier way to effectively manage corporate tax and accounting processes, the Advantage platform is a new and innovative way for companies and firms to keep up with the quickly evolving tax landscape,” said Ken Crutchfield, VP & General Manager of Bloomberg Tax Technology. “The platform approach to Advantage enables enhancements to be rolled out quickly, encouraging collaboration across accounting, compliance, and audit teams, resulting in greater visibility and more informed decision-making, thereby dramatically improving the way tax work gets done.”

Key features and benefits include:

  • - Access to award-winning products like Bloomberg State Tax Analyzer™ and Sales Tax Rates™
  • - Automatic legislative updates eliminate the need to navigate complex business regulations and corporate tax rate changes that aid in identifying tax savings
  • - Centralized tax and accounting data eliminates redundancy and provides professionals with the ability to perform multiyear, multi-jurisdiction, and multi-entity analysis
  • - Streamlined administration provides tighter controls over security and accessibility policies
  • Improved financial controls through spreadsheets, versioning, and audit trails reduce statement risk

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