The Strengths of CPAs

Many hope to date a sports star, actor or celebrity chef, but what about a CPA? While not the obvious choice, a relationship with a CPA offer can offer many spin-off benefits that are comparable, if not better than, dating the who’s who in Hollywood.

1. Brains are beautiful! CPAs are among the most intelligent in the dating pool.

2. CPAs know the rules so well they’re good at finding loopholes and making them work for you.

3. CPAs are both teachers and stress-relievers. They help people make sense of confusing rules and terms.

4. CPAs are trustworthy and can handle confidential information.

5. CPAs are not afraid of commitment. I mean they stuck with accounting.

6. Need to calculate a tip? Your date thinks numbers are fun.

7. CPAs are exceptional decision-makers.

8. They’re ethical. CPAs abide by strict accounting standards. If you like playing by the rules, an accountant might be your perfect match.

9. CPAs are always learning and updating their knowledge base.

10. CPAs have moves like Jagger, better yet, Jagger has moves like CPAs. Mick Jagger was once a student of accountancy.

11. CPAs can help fortify their significant others’ financial standing. Date a CPA, and there’s no need to fear being audited.

12. Of course, CPAs can offer tax-season help.

13. CPAs are financially responsible.

14. CPAs will keep their significant others’ best interests at heart when offering financial advice.

15. CPAs are up for a challenge.

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